MOL Europe toll provides German toll payment solution for trucks above 7,5 tons via on-board units or vehicle cards. MOL Europe toll also serves you with administration: any payment method you choose, MOL Europe toll will register you at the toll operation company.
If you have Toll collect box, and switch from another service provider to MOL Europe toll, you do not need to change OBU as well. There are only administrative tasks to be completed and the switch can be done within 1 week.

The settlement will be calculated based on the

  • distance measured by your OBU
  • the EURO emission standard of your vehicle
  • the axle number of your vehicle.
VAT on toll

German toll fee does not include VAT.

Invoicing period

The toll fee paid via MOL Europe Toll will be invoiced bi-weekly, or as per your invoicing conditions.

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In case of emergency you can use your MOL Europe Toll Service Card, you can continue your journey cashless.

The customer must exit from the German Networks and use the Toll Collect alternative payment methods in order to pay the toll. The available options are the following:

  • Manually booking via online log-on, the Toll Collect APP
  • pay at a Toll Collect Toll Station Terminal.

For more emergency procedure details please visit the German toll web site:


List of all stations in the selected country