Enjoy the usage of the Card Centre, MOL Group Cards ultimate platform for checking and controlling your company’s fuelling costs. Let us guide you through our Card Centre to introduce our services which help to grow your business.


Enjoy the fresh design with the eye-catching functions, like:

  • Dashboard: summarizes your MOL Group Cards related activities and gives you a transparent overview on your purchases. Customize it as you wish.
  • Customer: A place where you can manage all your profile’s details, check your credit limit, your discounts and services – for example e-invoicing – you use.
  • Cards: manage every detail of your cards in one space.
  • Invoices: Check your latest invoices and their statuses under the Invoices sheet.
  • Reports: launch new reports or find your latest reports here. Get an overview on and control your company’s fuel card related costs.
  • Users: if you are the company manager you can manage your company’s Card Centre users.
  • Notifications: do not miss any updates and deadlines regarding your card! Here you can customize what you would like to get notification about.
  • Help and support: you have questions, we have answer, you have problems, we have solutions for them. Find here or at each function the necessary help for you with “Help” button to provide your smooth work in Card Centre.


MOL Group Card Centre is a solid, stable system which is easy-to-use and transparent. You do not have to refresh to every JAVA updates and you do not need any other application or program to use. You can manage new password needs online and comfortably through the Card Centre.


Even fuel card management will be easier for your company, as a new, flexible and secure card status setting is available.

Card ordering: we offer you two ways to easily order MOL Group Cards in Card Centre. To make your life easier you can create card templates which you can use later.

Card ordering

Card ordering

Card blocking: if you suspect that your cards are used inappropriately you can block your cards immediately for a temporary time period. Whenever you want, you can unblock them. The process is easy, the same for temporary and for permanent blocking.

Card blocking


In the extended Card Centre you can choose from several reports to track your fuelling costs. Here you can control your card usage to get deeper insights of your company’s spending. On top of the already existing reports, the Card Centre provides you detailed transactions report, card list report as well as invoice report to VAT refund. In the dashboard you find summary of your purchases and whenever you want you can select new reports from a lot of options.


We have a lot of options for you to select and to customize notifications to your company. If you do not want to constantly check your card limits and expiry dates or the list prices every day in Card Centre, you can easily get notifications. Available via email.


In the Card Centre you can find the up-to-date card list prices and discounts next to each other for the easier accessibility.

We hope you find Card Centre and MOL Group Cards the best choice for your company. If you have any more questions regarding our Card Centre, contact us here, or check FAQ.

For using the Card Centre, MOL Group have some suggestions:

  • Always keep your user name and password safe, to ensure that nobody can access your account.
  • Save Card Centre link to the favourites of your browser for easier access any time you wish.
  • Check the help menu to each function which support you to use Card Centre smoothly and to utilize all the advantages of it.
  • Regularly check the news available on Card Centre. Through news you can be always up-to-date with MOL Group Cards relevant developments and promotions.
  • Check if your contact data are correct in the system. We will share several activities related to your company’s cards through these contact data, so you will need to keep them updated.
  • Tell your colleagues, accountant about the Card Centre and make it sure that they are also able to access their account.